Joan Fleming

Writer and Author

Published Short Stories


 Beds of Roses


'I stroked the downy petals of a heavy-headed red bloom, gathering the light morning dew on my finger tips; Julia calls the tiny water particles the grace notes of her symphony of roses. The scent of the flowers was muted, as if they were holding themselves in reserve for the crescendo later in the day.'

Short Story, prizewinner

Published in Writers' Forum, July 2009



Flying Free


 'At a nod from Mr Semple, the mellow sounds of piano and flute gently introduced the piece, to be joined by the sweet voices of the choir. As Matthew played his solo sections, then listened to the voices of the choir, he felt the music take hold of them all.'



Children's Story in Anthology

Published by Bridge House Publishing, 2009



A Soldier's Doubts



"I need to get home, Sarge - to get this business sorted out."






A 'thought-provoking story'

Published in My Weekly magazine, October 2012